Who we are

Together to the Future!

Sona is a non-profit organization fighting illiteracy in rural areas and at the same time promoting sustainable development. Composed of passionate humanitarians and professionals, together, we strive to create a durable change in the lives of villagers with basic needs that are not fulfilled. In all our projects, we will do our best to use natural resources for constructions and renewable energy.

The non-profit organization Sona has decided to mainly focus on education and sustainable development because of the great impact on societies. To intervene effectively, we will include as much technologies as we can in our projects (off-line e-learning, enhanced and interactive EPUB, etc). We will manage our projects in cooperation with local NGOs, universities and professional partners to have better results. We will first intervene in Africa (Sénégal and Morocco) and Asia (Cambodia) because some of us have lived there and we have reliable partners on site. Thereafter, we will extend our activities to other territories.

With a mission of equipping and empowering people to transform their lives and communities, Sona is serving people in need around the world. We ask the people we help, to fully collaborate with us to enable them to reveal their potential. We are strongly convinced that working together will allow us to accomplish great things. People need us and we need you.

Meet the Team