Prey thnang village school

Prey thnang village school


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35000€ to go

Prey thnang village school

Educate girls and boys

School is like a second home for kids because this is where they spend most of their time and childhood. If there is no school where those children will spend their time ?

Some children, especially girls, must stay at home to take care of siblings. Others, must work to help their families because they live too far from the nearest school or can not afford school equipment.

These children do not receive the basic education they need to become independent adults who can lift their families and communities out of poverty. When children are educated, they are hopeful and self-confident in their future, that of families and their communities.

By building a school and bringing school supplies, you are removing a major obstacle on the path to education. All children would develop and reach their full potential. Help us bring the necessary tools so that they can realize their dreams.