Tree planting

Tree planting


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Preparing for the future

Amongst the causes defended by the Association Sona there are: ecology and empowerment. This project to create an orchard is totally in line with our previous actions and contains many benefits. On the other hand, it will enable villagers to develop a social and solidarity based economy while respecting nature.

The project

The Moroccan agricultural villages were chosen for this project because they have favorable conditions for the development of fruit trees. On the advice of an agricultural engineer and in partnership with a local farmer, we will plant trees that have the best chance of surviving and yielding harvestable fruits.

The harvests

A local women’s cooperative will take care of the harvest as well as the processing of fruits into jams, beauty products, etc.

The benefits

At the time of harvest, the farmer who took care of the trees will be rewarded by getting a percentage of the crop or in finished products. On the other hand, the profits from the sale of raw fruits or finished products will go to the women’s cooperative. These will make known their know-how and they will be more financially independant.

Nature needs us to keep its splendor and continue to produce the resources that human needs to live. Help us to refresh a more and more breathless world.